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Professional dreamer 💭 & writer 📜 & thinker 🤔…? Also known as researcher 👩‍🏫👩‍💻♾️ PhD in CS from USC 👩‍🎓 She/Her

I created a Github repo to gather information and start conversations on this important issue. The toxic culture has to stop. Glad to see some initial victory for justice. RIP. Huixiang. We're fighting for you. Please consider contributing if you have more information or thoughts to share with the world!

My recent tweet sharing my paper rejection to the public for the first time

This tweet is the beginning of my story.

As a junior researcher (last-year PhD student with ~200 followers on Twitter), I didn’t expect my tweet to get this much attention (more likes than my followers!). It feels like I’m accomplishing even more than getting my ASE paper accepted… Joking aside, it seems people love this idea, so I wanted to share my thoughts behind this decision for people who are also considering this.

Note that I’m in a junior researcher’s mindset. This means I still care a lot about the outcome of my papers (tenure is still in a far-away Disneyland!), I still get hurt when I get…

There are plenty of opportunities for Ph.D. students that I myself have benefited a lot from throughout my Ph.D., so I want to write a summary and share them with you! :) This post aims to serve as a table of contents with external links for you to navigate the ones that are suitable for you. I would like to make it as comprehensive as possible, so please feel free to comment if anything is missing!

As a female Ph.D. student in CS, I’m very thankful for a lot of opportunities offered to women in computing. For example, I’m lucky…

Update on Nov 26, 2020:
I created a Github repo to gather information on academic misconduct ( This has to stop. Please contribute to it if you have information or thoughts to shed light on this important issue.


The Hidden Story Behind the Suicide PhD Candidate Huixiang Chen (
posted by the official Medium account regarding this issue: (the latest article is seeking for help to protect the insiders who are being threatened)

Discussions about this case on Zhihu (in Chinese): (The top comment shared an anonymous Ph.D. student’s own experience on reporting her/his advisor's unethical behaviors, such…

The experiences on attending research conferences can be very different for everyone. Fun as in hanging out with friends and traveling around, productive as in discussing research ideas and collaboration opportunities, boring as in you don’t understand the talks and you don’t know anyone, nervous as in you’re worried about your presentation(s), or exhausting as in you’re too popular that everyone wants to talk to you :)

ICSE 2018 banquet (before dinner), Gothenburg

As for myself, I find conferences super helpful and sometimes could even change your life such as your career path. …

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